Meeting & Events
Innovative, flexible solutions 

It’s true we’re moving beyond the traditional focus on space, dates and rates – not that we’ve forgotten about them.

Just that we know you’re looking for more.

Meetings that serve their purpose fantastically well.

Excitement about what’s been achieved.

A commitment to sending people home inspired

That’s what we’re here for.

If there are just a few of you getting together for some collaboration, we'll look forward to meeting you.

If your gathering’s on the small side (seminar, training session or the like), we’ve got you covered with intimate event space.

And if you’re holding an auction, trade or fashion show, big awards ceremony or a huge annual conference, then we’ve also got everything you're going to need.

Bring your vision to life

I believe that life is a love story. And I want to tell yours.


A story of love, of family, of friendship and of life.  By enticing the five senses and infusing that experience with your personal style, flawless service, and a deep attention to detail your event becomes more than just another evening out. It becomes a memory, benchmarking this moment in your life, and in the lives of those you love.


Milestones like these are precious and come but once in a lifetime. The opportunity to craft them is an honor and a privilege.


Wishing you a life full of laughter, luxury & above all else....Love.



Intertwining flavors you'll love

The Catering team here stands apart because we absolutely care about the success of your entire event. As we like to say, it’s all about the relationship! What this means for you is our commitment to excellence in service, cuisine and event planning.


We are a respected full-service catering and special events company, Our amazing team is not only the best at what they do, but are friendly, outgoing, trustworthy, and accomplished; providing you excellence in cuisine, service, event experience, and venue knowledge. 

Allow us to customize your dinning experience.