An Intermediate rider has riding experience and can perform all skills listed in the Beginner and Beginner Advanced section of our program. The following is a list of all skills mastered in the Intermediate phase.

  • Adjust stirrups and girth with feet in the stirrups while mounted at the halt

  • Explain and properly use a half halt and rein back

  • Feel diagonals and leads without looking Adjust pace and stride at trot, comfortably sit the trot

  • Can complete a 15 and 20 meter canter circle

  • Can Trot (posting and sitting) and canter without stirrups

  • Perform balancing and suppling exercises at the walk and trot

  • Can canter and complete a 2' course of 8 fences including bending lines

  • Can canter over a gymnastic grid of 6-8 fences including oxers at 2'

  • Turn on the haunches, turn on the forehand, working serpentines, and half turns at the trot

  • Hold a proper leg position at all gaits, can properly use spurs and a whip

  • Correct use of the inside leg and outside rein and outside leg to create bend

  • Understand the use of different bits

  • Can properly lunge a horse at the walk and trot

  • Ride safely in the open with control up and down hills at the trot and canter

  • Jump a minimum of 8 simple, natural cross-country obstacles at the trot and/or canter not to exceed 2'

  • Can identify minor cuts, scratches, and injuries including a lame or unsound horse