Beginner Rider

The Beginner Rider at any age has little to no riding experience.  Instructors will take each rider through the following step by step to complete the beginner level and move on to the Advanced Beginner level.

  •  Handling the horse on the ground.  Including haltering, leading, grooming and safely moving around the horse.

  • Proper placement and application of all equipment.

  • Mount and dismount with assistance using a mounting block if necessary.

  • Shorten and lengthen reins at the halt, walk and trot.

  • Perform balancing exercises for the rider at the halt walk and trot.

  • Ride at the walk and trot performing simple turns and large circles.

  • Ride at the trot on the correct diagonal.

  • Demonstrate how to pass others safely while riding in an enclosed area.

  • Maintain jumping position at the walk and trot on the flat and over ground poles.

  • Ride safely and considerately on a suitable mount in the open in a group at the walk and trot.

  • Ride with control up and down hills at the walk.