Advanced Beginner

An Advanced Beginner rider has limited riding experience and can perform all skills listed in the beginner section of our program. The following is a list of all skills mastered in the Advanced Beginner phase.

  • Tack independently including the bridle

  • Adjust stirrups, tighten girth, and lengthen reins correctly

  • Learning how to halt, rein back, walk, trot, and canter

  • Perform balancing exercises at the halt, walk, and trot

  • Demonstrate how to pass others safely while riding in an enclosed area

  • Learning how to complete figures at trot including 10, 15, and 20 meter circles, figure 8s and serpentines

  • Correct riding of a diagonal line, and can hold the horse in a straight line off the track, on center line, and on the quarter line

  • Can trot over ground poles and hold a jumping position

  • Can consistently identify diagonals at the trot

  • Ride safely in the open with control up and down hills at the walk and trot

  • Can consistently trot over a series of 6 cross rails

  • Comfortable bathing a horse for showing with assistance