An Advanced rider has riding experience and can perform all skills listed in the Beginner through the Intermediate section of our program. The following is a list of all skills mastered in the Advanced phase.

  • Perform balancing and suppling exercises at the walk and trot without stirrups

  • Work their mount at all three gaits with smooth transitions, lengthening and shortening or stride, learning shoulder-in, haunches-in, leg yielding, and change of direction through a circle

  • Consistently complete a square halt, counter canter, and simple changes of lead, and learning flying change of lead

  • Can change between half-seat and full seat at a trot and canter

  • Can adjust horse's stride in between jumps

  • Is comfortable jumping an 8 fence 2'6" course without stirrups

  • Can create a "supple" horse in balance and learning why and how to put the horse "on the bit"

  • Knows basic conformation of the horse

  • Knows how to properly fit tack for horse and the purpose of different tack

  • Can set fences and know strides between fences

  • Can halt in a course of fences and proceed to a fence at a trot

  • Is comfortable at a hand gallop in the arena and riding in the open

  • Can Ride safely with control in a group at the walk, trot, and canter over varied terrain, through shallow water, small ditches, and banks not to exceed 2'6"

  • Can ride over a minimum of 10 natural cross-country obstacles at the canter not to exceed 2'6"

  • Can properly lunge a horse at the walk, trot, and canter

  • Can perform basic first aid on the horse to include dressing a wound and bandaging